Carmen Mensink’s Commissions


Traditional Thangka Paintings

Carmen accepts custom Thangka painting commissions, in the traditional manner.  You can let her know the deity you prefer or you can choose from many Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and mandalas.

Traditionally, by commissioning a thangka, you will ‘bring the Buddha alive’ which, according to the Tibetan-Buddhist tradition, brings on very positive karma and stabilizes your connection with the Buddha and the path to enlightenment in this life and in future lives.

The thangka will be painted in close consultation with you, including special dedications & blessings on the back, making it a very personal piece of art.

As each Thangka is completely unique and painted in great detail, therefore even a small thangka takes at least 4 weeks of full time work.


Prices are based on a single deity in a simple landscape and include all materials (including real gold) and all taxes, excluding shipping fees.

For example, a 12×16 inch thangka (30×40 cm) starts from $5,200 without a frame.

Including a traditional brocade frame is less than a Western-style non-brocaded frame to $5,490.  A brocade frame makes the total size for this size artwork to around 20×32 inches (50×80 cm).

For a price quotation please submit a form with the image of your preference, the size, and whether a brocaded frame is desired or not.

Other Commissions:


Buddhist symbols (lotus, dharma wheel, 8 Auspicious symbols, eyes of the Buddha, snow lion etc. etc.) can be painted on canvas or paper and make a wonderful present for others or yourself.

This Endless Knot painting for example was a special present for a newly wed couple, as it symbolizes the Eternal Connection. Starting from $275.

For a price quotation please submit a form with a description of the symbol of your preference, the size and whether you would like to have it framed in a wooden frame with glass or not.

Painting on Buddha Statues

According to the tradition Carmen can paint the face of your Buddha statue, including pure gold. As it’s such precise and concentrated work, the painting of a statue (even a small one) takes at least 3 to 5 hours of work.

For a price quotation please submit a form with a picture of the statue and its total height.

Painting of Mani Stones & Ritual Objects

mani-mantra-stone-painting-carmen-mensink tibetan-drum-painting-carmen-mensink carmen-mensink-painting-buddhist-ritual-drum

Other objects such as for example Mani stones (mantra stones) or ritual drums can be painted on commission.

For a price quotation please submit a form with detailed description.

Art Restoration


Restoration of old thangkas or of a damaged painted face of a Buddha statue.

The costs depend on the amount of damage done to the object.

For a price quotation please submit a form with a detailed description and picture.

Illustrations, Logos & Other Designs


As Carmen is trained as a graphic designer, orders for line illustrations, Dharma and other logos, and other designs are welcome too.

For a price quotation please submit a form with detailed description.

Thangka Drawing & Painting Classes, Lectures on Buddhist Art, Guided Tours, & Painting Events

painting-buddha-retreat-italy-carmen-mensink carmen-mensink-guiding-thangka-students-rubin-museum-of-art

For inquiries about Carmen’s classes, workshops, lectures, tours, or events, or to invite her to facilitate any of the above, send us a message through our inquiry form and we shall facilitate all  arrangements.

You may commission original sacred art from Carmen Mensink here.