Juanita Cheng McCarron’s Commissions

Namgyalma 002 - Juanita Cheng-McCarron

Juanita Cheng McCarron offers two types of Commissions:

I. Custom Glass Thangkas

II. Aura Field (“Nimbus”) for Temple Buddha

 I. Custom Glass Thangkas

If you would like to commission a specific deity, Juanita is happy to work together with you to create your unique Glass Thangka.

She can generate the deity’s image for you, but reserves the right to use the drawn image in other artwork as well.

Usually, these pieces are the primary thangka image, and do not include the elaboration of the brocaded cloth thangka “frame”. However, depending on the size of your primary image she can also create a glass interpretation of the traditional cloth boarder or “frame”.

Because glass is a living substance, bubbles, lines, inclusions and other quirks may be present.


Sizes: the average size of a Glass Thangka is 10-12” wide x 14-16”high. Larger pieces can be commissioned, up to 20” x 20”.

Minimum cost: $1208.

Shipping is not included. It is custom determined by weight of the final piece and your location.

Final costs will be determined after detailed discussion of your vision. It will be presented to you, and mutually agreed upon, prior to payment and initiation of the project.

Allow a minimum of 6-8 weeks for completion and delivery of your piece.

Commission Request Form

II. Aura Field ( “Nimbus” ) for Temple Buddha
Aura Field Nimbus 011 - Juanita Cheng-McCarron

Each Nimbus is a custom commission.

You will work closely with the artist to create the piece. She will require a set of specific measurements which she will email to you and will be happy to “talk you through” over the phone or Skype, if necessary.

Each Nimbus will come with a simple but sturdy stand, edge lighting installed, and instructions on “hooking up” the lighting. The artists will talk you through these steps if necessary.

Ideally, Juanita would personally deliver the piece to you and install it for you. This ensures the integrity and safety of the glass, the delicate glass painting, and all lighting etc. She lives near Albuquerque, NM, so if you would like her to deliver and install the Nimbus, pricing would reflect this accordingly.


Pricing: $3600 for a 20”- 25” Buddha Statue (measuring the Buddha’s body only, from the “sit bones” to the crown jewel).

Cost for a larger Buddha Statue must be determined. Final cost in this case will be presented to you, and mutually agreed upon, prior to payment and initiation of the project. 

Shipping is not included. It is determined by the weight of the final piece and your location.

Allow a minimum of 3-4 months for completion of a Nimbus.

Commission Request Form