Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo’s Commissions

Chenrezig in progress

Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo helps patrons cultivate a deeper and more meaningful experience of their own lives through commissioned art that connects their personal growth with ancient Buddhist imagery and timeless wisdom… beautifying their home at the same time.

The commission experience that Leslie offers begins with a personal Envisioning & Discovery Retreat at Leslie’s studio near the beach in southern California (or by video conference if an in-person visit is infeasible).

Leslie describes the highly personalized experience as follows:

During this retreat, we’ll engage in a variety of experiences and interaction to uncover the qualities, themes, images, and colors that inspire you at this point in your life’s journey. We’ll weave conversation, play, laughter, writing, meditation, visualization, and other modalities in a deep and friendly discovery process. In this way, we’ll set a direction for the design and imbue the art with your spirit, your values, and your intention. The result: when the artwork ultimately hangs in your home, it will powerfully connect you to what’s most important to you.

“Guided by what we uncover together, I will design and stitch a custom textile artwork using Tibetan appliqué techniques. I’ll use silk fabrics and threads imported from Varanasi, India, along with other materials that resonate with your personal values and themes.

“Each piece of fabric will be outlined in cords of horsehair wrapped in silk thread by hand. These outlined shapes will be assembled and hand-stitched into a richly textured fabric mosaic. Embroidery and quilting may also be employed to add depth to the art.

“As I work, stitching and piecing your personal artwork over the course of several months, I will document the process through video, photos, and observations to provide you with a record of your unique creation’s creation.

The Artwork will serve as a sacred reminder in your home, carrying inspiration and beauty that will reconnect you to your heart, to the world, to others, to the moment, and to antiquity.

Commissions start at $10,000 for non-figurative work and at $25,000 for designs that include a deity figure. These meticulously hand-stitched silk artworks require several months to complete. All commissions include the initial envision and discovery session and documentation of the personalized creation process.

You may commission original sacred art from Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo here.