Contemporary Works: Mystic Nostalgia

This series was made in the year of 2011 while Tiffani was on finishing the mural paintings of the temple, Centro de Estudos Budistas Bodisatva, in Brazil. At night or during the weekends she explored more intensively her urge to express her own style without changing or mixing with the traditional Tibetan arts which she works. The process of Mystic Nostalgia had a strong impact on her experiencing painting as healing for the soul. As she shows in the video recorded at the time of her exhibit of the series at Tibet House in NY, each painting has a symbolism such as: ‘Taming the horse,’ which reflects the effort to tame the mind; and ‘Trust’ which reflects shutting down the logical eyes/ideas and listening to one’s inner intuition.

The series had a successful exhibition at Tibet House, New York, NY, in July 2012.