Inside The Gallery: Artwork Commissions

* “My Life Is An Open Path” – Commissioned from Tiffani Gyatso, Autumn 2015

Our artists offer a diverse range of unique Commissioned Work, originally created for your specific wishes or needs.
Dakini As Art’s Visual Artists offer a wide variety of commissions, from traditional thangkas to temple murals, from contemporary paintings to glass art.

Images Of Enlightenment (Buddhist Deity Thangkas)

Tiffani Gyatso (Traditional Thangkas)

Leslie Nguyen Temple (Silk Appliqué Painted Thangkas)

Paola Minelli (Traditional Thangkas)

Carmen Mensink (Traditional Thangkas)

Leslie Rinchen Wongmo (Hand-Stiched Tibetan Appliqué)

Buddhist Iconography

Soyolmaa Davaakhuu (Buddhist Deities & Themes)

Paola Minelli (Buddhist Iconography & Other Subjects)

Carmen Mensink (Painting of Symbols, Buddha Statues and Ritual Objects, includes Art Restoration to Ritual Objects & Paintings)

Contemporary Art

Tiffani Gyatso (Diverse Media)

Alma Dankoff (Portraits in Oil: Impressionistic Interpretations & Buddhist Deities)

Barbara Berry (Paintings & Drawings)

Yen Chua (Paintings & Drawings)

Silk Art

Tilly Campbell-Allen (Original Silk Art)

Printmaking & Woodblocks

Faith Stone – (Paintings, Printmaking, & Moku Hanga)

Glass Art

Juanita Cheng-McCarron (Glass Thangkas & Aura Field “Nimbus” for Buddhist Temples & Shrines)

Temple Murals

Tiffani Gyatso (Large & Small Scale Murals)

Thangka Drawing, Painting Classes & Workshops

Tiffani Gyatso (Invites Accepted)

Carmen Mensink (Invites Accepted)