Anilah II

The music of Anilah is born from a practice that is deeply inspired by nature and a willingness to engage with the natural world within a framework of reciprocity. In this way, artistic expression becomes a symbiotic relationship with the elements. All of the music is composed in nature, while walking or in meditation. An unspoken conversation occurs which influences the composition, and by entering into this state, I find myself listening to melodic structures that are inherent within all of nature. There is a widening of the senses, and an unraveling of conceptual boundaries. Early on in my life the practice of Tonglen came to me organically in this way, by spending prolonged periods of time alone in the forest and mountains. In turn, my art and music are continuously influenced by these practices which cultivate benevolence, compassion, and gratitude.

Warrior is the debut EP from Dréa’s new project Anilah. This album is a fusion of musical inspirations, uniting dark and light aspects in order to express the totality of human experience.