Order Fulfillment

Mythos II - Juanita Cheng-McCarron

Regular Orders

You will receive the customary auto-confirmation email following the placing of your order.  We meanwhile will begin communications to the respective artist(s).

Note that for bank transfer payments, we begin processing your order once the completed transfer confirmation is received.

We will write you direct with the artist(s) estimated times for completion and shipping of the artwork once we receive them, shortly after order placement.

Once your order is shipped, we will communicate once again informing you the tracking number and estimated time for delivery.  Should the order involve some creation process on the part of the artist, you will kept updated on this process.

Note:  For art orders of $1,500 or more, we request that you make your payment via bank transfer.  This is due to Paypal, our cart’s integrated payment processor’s high fees for larger payments received. 

It is the artists here that we are wishing to support!  Your cooperation is appreciated.


Following your commission request, we will begin communications with the artist to discuss any logistics involved.  Shortly after submission, you will be sent their estimated price and timeframe for completion of the artwork.

Once a price has been negotiated and agreed upon by both you and the Artist, you will receive an invoice for half of the total cost of your commissioned artwork, with the remaining amount to be billed after the completion of the art piece. Shipping cost will be included in this second invoice.

After receiving your first payment, you will be put in direct contact with the artist and take part in the process of creating the commissioned work.  We are here to assist and facilitate in any way throughout the process.