Alma Dankoff

Fine Art Painter working with blended Acrylic and Oil paints

“As a child I was completely in love with colourful gems.  I drew a lot and always had an ample supply of paper since my father was a lithographer.  I studied Art before college at the Art Students League and The School of Visual Arts, both in New York City.  After high school, I studied Art at the University of Cincinnati.

In the 90’s, I was a jewelry maker, working in gold, silver, semi-precious stones and cloisonné enamel.  Later I made Tibetan inspired reliquaries called gaus, as an expression of my love of Tibetan Buddhism. My daughter took over my craft and now makes her own beautiful jewelry creations.

In 2001, I started drawing again and began a study of classical oil painting.  I have had several teachers who have influenced me greatly as well as old masters from centuries past.”

“My paintings are an expression of my sense of beauty found in the lineage of the great masters of Tibetan Buddhism, particularly that of my teacher Choegyal Namkhai Norbu.  Since becoming a practitioner in the early nineties, I have traveled to power places in Tibet, India and China.  I have been blessed. I put this energy and expression into my paintings of the Dakini deities.  I loosely interpret them according to my vision, realising freedom in doing so. 

I use acrylic and oil paints because they blend beautifully together.  I use semi precious and non precious stones and symbolic charms, some which I made during my jewelry period.

Thank you for viewing them.  I hope they make a difference in your life.”

Alma lives now in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.