Thangka Reproductions on Canvas (including traditional brocade framing)

White-Tara-Thangka-Carmen-Mensink - Carmen Mensink

These high quality art prints on canvas are beautiful reproductions of Carmen Mensink’s original Thangkas

They are framed beautifully in the traditional brocades by a traditional thangka tailor in Nepal, including the wooden sticks to keep it straight.

After your order, Carmen will paint the traditional mantra blessing on the back of the thangka plus a personal dedication (with your name or the name of the person you offer it to). This makes it a very personal and special thangka.

The thangkas will be safely rolled up and shipped in a strong cardboard tube; incl. Track&Trace.

As it’s hand work, the brocade sizes are approximately. The brocade width is measured at the top and at the bottom it goes out slightly wider.

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