Michael Ash

Michael Ash is a creator and manifestor on many levels.   He was a photographer and poet for many years before he turned to creating altruistic multimedia platforms including The Yogini Project and Dakini As Art.

He is presently approaching a two year film project, Dakini Song.

The inspiration behind the projects came primarily in glimpsing the pure aspects of his daughter, Kisa.  Wishing that more conducive conditions for women to authentically realize in today’s world existed and were flourishing, he started his path with The Yogini Project.  Dakini As Art followed some years later.

His photographic works featured in Dakini As Art focus on White Tara and Dakinis.  His larger photographic and poetic works may be seen at Oddiyan’s Gate, soon to become Vivid Emptiness.

His work has taken him around the globe; presently he is based in Bali, Indonesia.