Pia Amat

“I am passionate about antique jewels, about stones and their properties.”

Pia Amat was born in Barcelona in December 1978. From her childhood she loved to play and create with sea stones and other materials.

Curious adventurer, she soon traveled around the world discovering the beauty and wealth of different cultures, people, art and the harshness of living conditions of many humans.

Her social vocation of justice and peace lead her to study law, mediation, psychology, ayurveda and practice Tibetan Buddhist meditation.

Her special sensitivity and deep imagination inspired her to draw and create original jewelry designs, pieces that evoke the magic and the mystery of life. Its bohemian and vintage style reminds one of past history and ancient times.

Through the exchange of experiences in different countries she learned techniques of traditional jewelry and sculpture, then perfecting her knowledge in her hometown, Barcelona.

“My grandmother was my first teacher; she loved her rings, she told me their stories and taught me how to see the deep beauty of the stones.”

Pía, a deep artistic and intuitive mind, has always felt passion for peace, justice and jewels: on the one hand, being a lawyer was her dream to fight for a better world and on the other she found joy by creating original jewelry designs, beautiful treasures made with gems and gold and silver that feel like amulets:

“Love for mother earth and her beings, beauty and art all led me slowly to design and to create handcrafted jewels and to travel lots to find new stones and materials for my organic designs. I like to feel that my hands are a channel that facilitates thought designing and sculpting to make arise the full potential of Gem stones and metals for the sake of the ones who enjoy them. My inspiration comes from nature, antique jewellery, tribal sacred art and secret symbology of all times and the Wabi Sabi Japanese aesthetics, paradigm that welcomes the beauty of imperfection.”

In 2000 being a custom jeweler become her full time profession and she opened her first jewelry atelier in Barcelona, in Gràcia district, and since 2012 the main Boutique Atelier has been nicely located on the popular Carrer Verdi street.

Currently she combines her two passions: Design and create exclusive custom made original jewelry and at the same time to contribute to build a better world as a sponsor and consultant to a wide variety of social projects around the world.

The bohemian style of Pia artisanal design jewelry is characterized by irregular and organic textures inspired by nature, ethnic sacred jewelry, Wabi Sabi aesthetics and the art nouveau Catalan and French. She uses high quality gemstones from fair trade whenever possible, and recycling silver and gold through melting techniques.

Pia’s fine jewelry is made with love for all the people who are looking unique designs, handcrafted in Barcelona with a bohemian style.

“I am passionate about antique jewels, about stones and their properties. Jewels and stones are talismans of power for adventurous, warriors of light, with great curiosity and bohemian style. They are charms for the different stages of inner growth because they help us to feel beautiful and can give us courage and strength to take decisions, because they can help on calming the mind and connect with our innate wisdom.  Creating jewels, I feel is my contribution on spreading peace, joy and beauty for this world that needs so much Love.”

– Pia Amat