Rigzin :: Union

From meditative to the dance floor, this album encompasses the whole spectrum. Based on a traditional “sadhana”, the entire album is a complete practice, from lineage to dedication. The actual disk is a prayer wheel that emminates positive energy when spinning, meant to be played over and over. Singing, hearing or just playing these mantras, carries the blessings of this lineage, and has many benefits. Mantra, an ancient method to connect us to our inherent enlightened qualities through sound vibration.

Listen to UNION.

Rigzin :: Transition

“TRANSITION” is traditional Tibetan Buddhist prayers and mantras, mixed with modern electronic music production, specifically intended to support beings through the time of dying.

For 1,000’s of years, the unbroken Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, has recognized the importance of the moment of death.   A pivotal doorway, that can bring inconceivable benefit to the deathless, eternal, aspect of consciousness.

The tracks are beautiful, peaceful, inspiring, illuminating.  Also supportive for the ‘transitions’ we all go through within this lifetime.   Good for meditation, yoga, babies, lullabies, everyone… and even played on repeat, emanating positive energy, like a prayer wheel spinning sound.

Within these uncertain times, it is said, is also the potential for great spiritual awakening.  Through the medium of music, an ancient technology of vibrational medicine, we can directly influence consciousness in positive ways.  Through the vastness of the world wide web, we have a miraculous ability, to infinitely replicate these sounds, and reach innumerable beings.


Rigzin :: Protection


A Ceremony of Protector Prayers from the unbroken lineages of Tibetan Buddhism is supportive and timely. In these critical times, with the destruction of the planet and division among people, just hearing these powerful mantras of PROTECTION has unfathomably benefit protecting us from suffering. This is an ancient spiritual technology for transmutation. Dispelling the negativities for oneself and all beings, that create suffering, destroying the obscurations that prevent us from recognizing our enlightened, loving, kind, true nature, inherent in us all. And thus simultaneously revealing our deepest compassion, that leads us to ultimate Awakening.

“For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time, hatred ceases by love. This is an unalterable law.”
~ The Buddha

“To conquer oneself is greater then conquering an army of 10,000.”
~ The Buddha

These empowering, energizing mantras of PROTECTION are set to electronic world fusion music. It is the artist’s final album in the celebrated Sacred Trilogy series.