Wilvin Pedersen

Painter – Oil and Guache on Canvas and Watercolor on various types of paper.

I grew up in Norway. When I was 24 I gave birth to a son. Around that time I started to practice the Dharma and this made a major change in my life.  I started to travel with my son both near and far. In 1981 we moved to Italy where we settled down in Arcidosso, a village close to Merigar, where there was a Dzogchen Community under my teacher Choegyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.

Earlier on, for my training, in 1968 I went to the City and Gilds of The London Art school, then studied at the State Art collage of Oslo between 1969-73.

In the early ’90s, I participated in the painting of the Gompa in the Dzogchen Community in Merigar.

I mostly use oil and gauche on canvas and watercolor on various types of paper. I like to paint free style Thankas , portraits and nature. 

Painting is a practice of presence. When I paint Thangkas, beside the specifics of each particular Thangka, the expression is what is most important to me. Painting is like manifesting ones state of mind in that moment outside oneself, and of course Dharma practice can and does influence this.