Zoe Redman

Painter, multimedia artist, performer

Early years

At about 8 I started running away from home, packed my bags secretly going down to the river to play with the fishes and watch the light on the water.

Or go right to the end of the garden where the lawn was no longer mown to crush stones to see the circles of colours inside, make potions out of rose petals from the heart shaped garden where the previous owners were buried and talk to the fairies.

Or go hiding in the dark cupboard under the stairs where I would sit in the dark for hours.

College days

I left school at 16 as a rebel to study art. My teachers were young passionate avant-garde artists and they blew my mind. I discovered Robert and Sonia Delaunay and « simultaneity » drawing on big pieces of paper on the floor making wild gestures and feeling the freedom and joy of the creative energy.

In this year I also met the father of my children Maya and Jacob. We studied Fine Art together at Coventry University where we both refused to paint or draw. I only made ephemeral pieces: film installations and performance art (expanded cinema from 1977-80).

I was passionate about the concept of « impermanence and illusion »


After art school I travelled through USA on the “route 66” on a greyhound bus after which I decided to live in New York. I lived there for 9 months working as a sous chef for a party service, cooking for the rich and famous including Woody Allen!

Returning to London I begun making performance and video art. My work was poetic and autobiographical often travelling for miles to film in the wilderness. This work is distributed by Lux.

The 80’s were active in London. I became known as a « feminist video and performance artist » and was a lecturer in time-based media in the Fine Art Dept in Hull University, gave talks and exhibited my work nationwide and in festivals worldwide.

Living in East London in cheap housing for artists we existed precariously yet creatively knowing our home was to be demolished for a motorway. Our neighbors were close friends and artistic collaborators.

Maya my daughter born in 1984 and Jacob at home in 1988.

In 1984 I met Stephen Russell (aka Barefoot Doctor) a Taoist healer, acupuncturist and musician. We made a series of performances : « Walk on Water »

In 1989 we knew the houses would be imminently be knocked down and I separated with the father of my children.

First years in the south of France

At a Mongolian overtone chanting workshop with Jill Purce ( voice healer) I met my future companion, Erik. We left London for a new adventure in the South of France …following a call from the heart living with my two young children in a small house in a little village called Roquefort des Corbieres.

We wrote a film script called « Lo Viatge d’Amor » (The Journey of Love) inspired by the region based in the 11th Century in the times of the Cathars and the troubadours in the South of France.

My first studio was in a disused railway carriage in the middle of the wilderness. It was here that I begun walking and collecting rocks and stones to crush into my paintings and art works. I was totally at home in the wild and bleached rocks scattered with the scent of rosemary and thyme.

Erik left 8 years later to move back to the England. I stayed on with the children.

Moulin de la Conque

A year later we moved to an abandoned water mill, the Moulin de la Conque (Mill of the Conch) in a remote valley surrounded by water.

On arrival my health took a turn to the worse my asthma became chronic and life threatening. In October 1999 there was an enormous storm. The phones were down and there was a red alert flood warning. My breathing was nearly non-existent … “Don’t die mummy” my children were crying!  I beseeched for spiritual guidance.

My companion arrived he took me to the emergency doctor and life continued. The doctor and his wife introduced me to Lama Norbu Repa at the new Tibetan Centre Theg-Chog-Norbu-Tsal, 20 minutes upstream from the Moulin de la Conque.  The connection with Tibetan Buddhism and the Karma Kagyu Refuge tree was made completely transforming my life. I took refuge in January 2000 just after HH 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje escaped from Tibet. I was deeply involved with this centre for a number of years and completed the Ngondro preliminary practices in Bodhgaya in 2007, whilst attending Mahamudra teaching with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche after the Kagyu Monlam.

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche introduced me to the nature of mind in a fleeting glimpse.

Lujin Chöd practice

Each of the three times I have traveled to India I heard the Chöd practiced it touched and pacified a profound part of my being.

During a Nyung-nye (1000 armed Chenrezig retreat) in 2011 my asthma became chronic and again guided me on my Dharmic path. Resting in bed I searched on Internet and came across the mo-divination master “Chödpa Lama” and asked for a healing.

We met in 2012 an instant heart connection was made. Rinpoche during his French tour came to the Moulin de la Conque and gave a Chöd healing ceremony and gave Mo-divinations.

In 2014 I was among the students accompanying Chödpa Lama Rinpoche in Nepal. We attended the 100 Chöd initiations with Sangye Nyenpa in Benchen Monastery and performed Lujin Chöd in various sacred sites around Katmandu and in Yolmo in the Himalayas.

Art as Guru Yoga

I love painting more and more the movement, the physicality, the dance of the emotions one passes through; the light and the shadow, tuning in to energy and feeling so much strength. One is totally humble to this extraordinary force that fills every cell in ones being and flows from the heart.

Creating live with a musician tuning in to their sound allowing it to resonate into the core of my being. The response is spontaneous and intimate also sometimes unexpected and awkward.

Communicating and communing in light, colour and sound. Love it, its dynamic and sensual. It’s the life force. It’s a Truth.

A powerful human contact shedding layers to be open, vulnerable and raw to be at one and at peace.

Closing the gap

Slowly, closing the gap
Between visible and invisible
Seeing the infinite possibilities

Breathing in

Life in all aspects
As a painting
Appearing and disappearing

Breathing out

Realigning at every moment
To the pulsating source
Remembering and recollecting

Breathing in