108 Doors: A Rare & Precious Multimedia Event

a multi-media performance
an improvisation between colour, sound and light

Zoë Redman concept.performance/painting
Mark Lockett sound artist
Jacob Redman video installation

108 Doors is on-going artistic process and event series that began in 2008 and is conceived to continue until an eventual cycle of 108 paintings is completed.

108 Doors

The Opening:


A number of canvases placed on the ground are illuminated from above by video images of a previous performance. The painter paints spontaneously in this pool of light, using crushed rocks, earths and pigments. Using brushes, hands, bamboo and other natural objects the canvases evolve over the duration of the performance as a reaction to the sound and light environment.

The sound track is created from the gestures of the painter, sampled and treated, as well as various instruments, wood, metal, skin, and electronic, as a reaction to the visual environment.

The video – artist records the action as documentation and as raw material for subsequent performances; these images are edited into a 9 minute loops. If budget allows, another camera operator creates live footage, projected simultaneously within the space.

The audience can move around, come and go as they please.

The duration is variable, typically between one and two hours. This process results in the creation of various trace objects:

The paintings – which can be presented in the form of an exhibition.

The sound compositions – edited and mastered in studio conditions, which can be presented as a sound environment in an exhibition.

Edited video footage of each performance and the loops used as projections for the performances.

Textual reflections written after each performance by Zoë Redman which will be published, along with still images, as a series of books.

Creating The Paintings

Paintings are created in a pool of light from the overhead video projection; within a video loop of the precedent performance.

Each event is the continuation of the previous. Using the accumulation of recycled images and sounds from the previous performance acts as the backdrop.

A sense of ‘mise en abime’ is created. The sound track evolves in response to the sounds and gestures made in creating the paintings. Mark plays gamelan instruments, digital synthesisers, percussion and found objects (including ‘prepared piano’ if available).

Crushing coloured rocks, mixing, pouring water all becomes a part of the evolving sound track. The canvases are instruments; drums that can rhythmically beat out colour …rubbed together.

Background / Context

Since the 1950s performance art and expanded cinema became part of avant-garde art practice. Zoë Redman began working with videoand performance when in art college in the 70s and has continued ever since.

Mark Lockett became involved in experimental music and performance through his studies with Pauline Oliveros, John Cage and Jackson Mac Low at the University of California in the late 70s.

The connection between Redman/Lockett was not made when they were both in New York in 1980, nor whilst they were both working as artists in London in the 1980s. They met in a small village in the south of France in 2005. Redman was presenting a video installation (3 Chemises de Nuits) in a ruin and Lockett played John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano under the plane trees in the night sky. They decided to collaborate in 2008 on 108 Doors.

Jacob Redman joined the project in 2009 to film, edit the performances and to design the video installation and light environment.

As in all dialogues there are moments of great complicity, awkwardness and magic synchronicity.

Why 108 Doors?

True mind nature does not act, do anything, modify, or function as some subtle antidote to phenomena. It is simply open space and luminosity in union. If you throw colored chalk powder into the air, it has nothing to hold onto or cling to. It naturally falls to the ground. It is not like space does anything. It is simply how space is. The true nature of mind is like that.”

                              ~ Tsoknyi Rinpoche
How to integrate my formal Buddhist practice into my creative journey as an artist?

108 Doors was born out of this question.

After completing the Ngo-dro preliminary practise and having attended the Mahamundra teaching with Mingyur Rinpoche in Bohdgaya, India in 2007. It became clear that my spiritual path needed to be integrated into everything I did. (This is even more essential now as I am training as a Chödma practising under the spiritual guidance of Chödpa Lama Rinpoche.)

The Mahamundra way of just allowing all phenomena to appear directly corresponded to 108 Doors and the intention to create 108 paintings. Each one a fingerprint of a performance and minds journey towards emptiness.

Each performance is a leap into the unknown. Every time an opportunity to trust in minds inherent clarity, luminosity and wisdom – creating the possibility for inner beauty to manifest and the joyous Dakini energy to appear.

From the moment the pigments are thrown into the air to land on to the canvas it unfolds; leaving the thinking mind behind and entering into the osmosis of sound, colour and light.

The painting takes place spontaneously in the light of the loop of film of last performance.

The public’s energy and presence creates another dynamic to the experience. They are free to move around the space; coming and leaving at will.

Booking A 108 Doors Multimedia Performance

If you wish to host a 108 Doors Multimedia Performance, please send your request through the form below.  First make sure to consult the performance and the technical requirements detailed in the pdf file link below before submitting.  It is very thorough in introducing the import, performance itself, and related necessities.   This is a rare and precious performance.  Highly recommended!

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