Dakini As Inspiration

“What we understand to be phenomena
Are but the magical projections of the mind.
The hollow vastness of the sky
I never saw to be afraid of anything.
All this is but the self-glowing light of clarity.
There is no other cause at all.
All that happens is but my adornment.
Better, then, to stay in silent meditation.”

~ Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal

“Simultaneously the dakini is more intimate than the tongue or the eyeballs and yet is feared as the “other,” the unknown. Like the nature of mind in the Mahamudra tradition, she is too close to be recognized, too profound to fathom, too easy to believe, and too excellent to accommodate.”

~ Judith Simmer-Brown, “Dakini’s Warm Breath”

“In one flash, she communicates that the world of duality is a perfect and only means of expression of that which is beyond duality. How she is seen depends upon the sacred outlook (dak-nang) of the practitioner.”

~ Judith Simmer-Brown, “Dakini’s Warm Breath”