“The inner dimension (nang) refers to the dynamic qualities of phenomenal experience. From the inner point of view, there is no real separation between perceiver and perceived or between subject and object. Instead, the perceptual and experiential world is understood as an energetic field that is ultimately empty of inherent existence, characterized by limitless space. Within that space, phenomena arise interdependently and fleetingly as the play of color and texture, which is experienced in a variety of ways. Perceptually, emotionally, and conceptually noumena and phenomena are simultaneously experienced in a display of intensity, or coemergence. The landscape of the inner dimension is related to communication, interchange, and the movement of energy that undergirds the conventional occurrences that we ordinarily perceive. For the dakini, the inner is expressed through visionary experience.”

~ Judith Simmer-Brown, “Dakini’s Warm Breath”