LiAnne Hunt

Embodying Vajrayogini

LiAnne Hunt is the resident instructor for Dance Mandal Hong Kong and director of the Vajra Dance Company.  A senior disciple of Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya, she has performed with his internationally acclaimed ensemble Dance Mandal since 2002.  LiAnne was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and has a rich background in Modern, Asian and Pacific dance and contemporary performance art.

Since 2001, LiAnne has produced numerous workshops, performances, exhibitions, and retreats with traditional masters through Eclipse Foundation, a non-profit organization she established to foster cultural understanding and diversity through the arts.  As a managing director of Jnanasukha, LiAnne serves to preserve the legacy of the 9th century Tibetan heroine khandro Yeshe Tsoygal through quality education, publication, translation, sacred art, and humanitarian aid projects in the USA and Tibet. She is particularly committed to supporting the nuns at Tsogyal Latso, the birthplace of Yeshe Tsogyal in Tibet.

Ms. Hunt began her professional career in dance at 19 years, and has traveled the world performing, sharing, learning. She is a veteran Teaching Artist with 2 decades of service, offering programs in public and private schools, museums, theatres, health, art and community centres.  LiAnne enjoys working with children and youth, infusing mindfulness training, meditation, breathing exercises, collaborative improvisation and creative expression through movement techniques. She has worked with women’s groups, immigrant and refugee populations, drug and alcohol rehabilitation patients, at risk youth, and children and adults with disabilities.

In 2004, Ms. Hunt established the Vajra Dance Company (previously Dance Mandal Boise), to provide youth the opportunity to train in the classical art of Charya Nritya. She has trained Tibetan, Sherpa, Nepali, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Chinese and American dancers, receiving multiple awards and grants for her work.  LiAnne resides in Hong Kong and is establishing a chapter of Dance Mandal that can serve as a base for the larger Asia region.

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