Dakini As Art
is happy to offer you high quality new products that make excellent gifts for loved ones or yourself!
Stretched Canvases

Karma Gadri style.

For our Fine Art Prints on Canvas we now offer ‘Stretched Canvases‘ – ready to hang art prints mounted to wood frames like traditional paintings at an affordable cost, all prepared exquisitely by our fine art printers. This way you receive a beautiful, finished art product, without the need of additional framing or canvas stretching. 
These divine finished canvases make most excellent gifts. 
We offer stretched canvases for all the artists that Dakini As Art does fine art printing for.  You will see the option on the product page for any of their artworks. 
The following artists’ work presently offers this option:
Upcoming for new artists (from December 5th):
Ti Campbell-Allen
Faith Stone
See here for more on our canvas options and recommendations.
2016 Dakini As Art Deity Calendar

Dakini Calendar 2016

This calendar is a work of art. It features amazing new deity imagery from Images of Enlightenment and is printed in the same style and quality as our Fine Art Prints on Photo Matt Fibre paper. 
It also features Dakini Days & Guru Rinpoche Days for each month as well as Losar (Tibetan New Year) in February 2016. 
We hope you enjoy our new offerings and know that it is our pleasure to offer you quality Dharma Art and spread inspiration and blessings. 
With love, 
the Dakini As Art Team