Dakini from The 5 Races of Dakinis Deity CardsSet of 5 Giclee prints    Original: gouache on cottonLaura Santi  2010

Each Dakini As art Artist handles shipping for their own artwork.

Shipping Fees

Shipping fees are added to your final purchase at checkout.  The price is calculated per artist’s work involved as they each ship from varying locations.

For multiple orders of items such as fine art prints by the same artist, which may ship easily in the same size package, there is usually no increase in shipping fee.

The exception to this is for most large size original artworks.  For these items, there is no shipping added at the time of checkout, as shipping can not be determined in advance for these to all locations.

The precise rates will be calculated based on your location and billed according to actual cost. In these cases, a separate follow up invoice will be sent to you for you to review with a link to then cover the shipping fee via a second Paypal payment (or bank transfer, if desired).

For commissions, shipping fees will be calculated based on the final weight of the artwork and your location, and billed accordingly.

Note: We and all our artists have done great research to find the most accurate rates for shipping of artworks to/from Europe, America, and other global destinations.  Due to the myriad of variables involved, there may be cases where the standard shipping calculated at checkout be less than the actual costs.

For orders where the shipping is +$15 more for small items and +$25 for large items, we will contact with a follow-up invoice for the difference in actual shipping cost.

Shipping Times

Since Dakini As Art artists are shipping from different locations around the world, standard shipping times can not be determined in advance.

Therefore, after placing your order, you will receive via e-mail and estimate of the completion and delivery of the artwork.