Supporting Artists | Supporting The Yogini Project
A primary intent with Dakini As Art is to create a platform to support mature, practitioning artists working in modern contexts in both lineal, traditional forms as well as extemporaneous, contemporary mediums.

We have focused on artists whose work is either directly centered on the Dakini or indirectly inspired on her energy as it manifests as and through art and the process of creation.  While virtually all of our artists are female, the galleries are just as open to males whose art derives from an authentic engagement with the dakini principle.

“However, the dakini expresses feminine gender in only a qualified sense, since in her absolute essence she represents the ultimate beyond gender. From this point of view, she has no allegiance to anyone; it is inaccurate to say that women alone possess the dakini. When the practitioner truly understands this, liberation from gender concepts can be glimpsed. The wisdom dakini can best be understood in terms of her enlightened essence, the four dimensions that depict how the limitless nature of mind can manifest in human forms dedicated to the welfare and awakening of all beings.”

~ Judith Simmer-Brown, “Dakini’s Warm Breath”
Simultaneous with supporting the artists, the Dakini As Art galleries serve as an ongoing fundraiser for the tangible media projects & support funds of The Yogini Project.

Proceeds from art sales and commissions are shared equally between the artists and The Yogini Project.

For more on the work of TYP, see The Yogini Project: Purpose & Media Projects.

For artists, with mature work and a committed meditation practice that informs it, that wish to join the Dakini As Art collective, you may do so through our multiple submission forms.

We accept submissions at this time for visual artists, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, & multimedia artists.

Visual Artists Form

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We look forward to seeing your work.