The Yogini Project
The Yogini Project is a multimedia platform to connect and inspire a global community of women practitioners and laypeople alike with the aim of directly supporting the greater emergence of realized women in our time. . .

Through both revealing the many faces of their presence amongst us and financially supporting selected women dedicated to sustained spiritual practice.

We have sought blessings and advice from multiple precious authentic teachers and sources of refuge for guidance in alignment with our ecumenical aims and the dynamic range of what we are featuring through our media projects.

In this light, for the benefit of all daughter beings, The Yogini Project comes to fruition to provide positive role models of truly empowered women.

Dakini As Art: A subproject of The Yogini Project

Dakini As Art is a sub-project of The Yogini Project.  Within the Yogini Project mandala, it serves both as a focus on the inner aspect of the enlightened feminine in the Dakinis ineffable manifestation in and through art, and as a catalyst to support the mother project’s tangible media projects through it’s fine art sales and commissions.

The Yogini Project operates as a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization in the United States under the auspices of it’s umbrella organization, Inquiring Systems, Inc. Administrative expenses are 10% or under for all our operations, including our umbrella organization fees.

90%+ of all revenue from donations and projects such as Dakini As Art go directly to support TYP’s primary media projects as outlined on its site.