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Karma & Faith

Karma & Faith “Our names express the idea of this book. It’s an exploration of Tibetan Buddhist art influenced by the West and of American art influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. We come together in a blending of cultures with creating Buddhist art at the core. We are both interested in making the Buddhas in a […]


Praise for Dakini As Art

Latest Dakini As Art Commissions! Stunning renditions of dakinis Kurukulle and Simhamukha by Soyolmaa Davaakhuu, created specifically for a unique buyer and her practice. From the delighted buyer for both a series of prints purchased and the original commissioned paintings received: “Within the past two days, I’ve received two lovely packages. One from Romania and […]


TibetColor | Exhibition, Screening and Workshops by Leslie Nguyen Temple in NYC

The first exhibition of Tibetan thangka and appliqué masters Terris and Leslie Nguyen Temple Tibetan thangka and appliqué artists Terris and Leslie Nguyen Temple join the Trace Foundation for two weeks in October, exploring their lives’ work and passion for the natural world through an inaugural exhibition, workshops, and screenings of a captivating documentary about […]

The Medicine Buddha and the Power of Healing by Faith Stone

The Medicine Buddha is a healing Buddha from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Many cultures have healing deities or rituals, and the Medicine Buddha is a profound practice for healing physical, mental, and emotional ailments. It is even more powerful when a group practices together, focusing on the loved one or person who needs healing. I […]