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Karma & Faith

Karma & Faith “Our names express the idea of this book. It’s an exploration of Tibetan Buddhist art influenced by the West and of American art influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. We come together in a blending of cultures with creating Buddhist art at the core. We are both interested in making the Buddhas in a […]


Praise for Dakini As Art

Latest Dakini As Art Commissions! Stunning renditions of dakinis Kurukulle and Simhamukha by Soyolmaa Davaakhuu, created specifically for a unique buyer and her practice. From the delighted buyer for both a series of prints purchased and the original commissioned paintings received: “Within the past two days, I’ve received two lovely packages. One from Romania and […]


TibetColor | Exhibition, Screening and Workshops by Leslie Nguyen Temple in NYC

The first exhibition of Tibetan thangka and appliqué masters Terris and Leslie Nguyen Temple Tibetan thangka and appliqué artists Terris and Leslie Nguyen Temple join the Trace Foundation for two weeks in October, exploring their lives’ work and passion for the natural world through an inaugural exhibition, workshops, and screenings of a captivating documentary about […]

A Buddhist Perspective on Conceptual Art by Tiffani Gyatso

Art for art’s sake has never been an overriding motivation in Tibetan culture or Tibetan Buddhism. For example, we can understand thangka painting, the sacred art of depicting icons, as a meditational tool. This article will explore these two diverging viewpoints: art made with the objective of serving the spirit and art made spontaneously as […]

The Medicine Buddha and the Power of Healing by Faith Stone

The Medicine Buddha is a healing Buddha from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Many cultures have healing deities or rituals, and the Medicine Buddha is a profound practice for healing physical, mental, and emotional ailments. It is even more powerful when a group practices together, focusing on the loved one or person who needs healing. I […]


ART For Blessings

This December 2015 and until January 31th, 2016 exquisite DAKINI Art is being dedicated to support final post-production of this amazing film on extraordinary nuns into 7 languages for global international access. Significant proceeds throughout this month of all art purchases at DAKINI AS ART go to support production of The Yogini Project’s “Blessings: International […]


Introducing New Dakini Artists

An amazing and diverse group it is, once again. In December and January we are introduced a series of works by three new artists to the collective:  Paola Minelli (Italian thangka painter)Ti Campbell-Allen (English born, French based Silk artist/painter)and Faith Stone (American, Colorado based painter). Following this we are fortunate to feature come this latter […]

Let It Be: Creativity in the Moment by Zoe Redman

Zoe Redman working with Michel Raji From a very early age I’ve enjoyed spending time alone. As a young girl growing up in England, communing with nature, I would crush stones to see the beautiful colors inside, make potions out of rose petals, and speak in my own invented language to invisible friends. I think […]


Nepal Earthquake Relief Fundraiser: 100% To Support Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s Relief Efforts – Thangka Art Prints by Nepali Artists ‘Images Of Enlightenment’

Final Update:  Dakini As Art raised a total of $5259.17 through 24 fine art print sales through our online galleries, plus 25 fine art cards sold at a Red Tara retreat by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche at Bodhicharya Berlin, as part of our May Nepal Fundraiser.  All funds were donated to Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s earthquake relief efforts […]


108 Doors ~ Zoe Redman

a multi-media performance an improvisation between colour, sound and light Zoë Redman concept.performance/painting Mark Lockett sound artist Jacob Redman video installation 108 Doors is on-going artistic process and event series that began in 2008 and is conceived to continue until an eventual cycle of 108 paintings is completed. Discover more about 108 Doors here. About […]


Introducing The Dakini As Art Artist Collective

Introducing our Dakini As Art artist collective. An amazing and diverse group it is! Artists: Alma DankoffCarmen MensinkCarolina Fonseca Dréa Drury Images Of Enlightenment Juanita Cheng-McCarron Laura Santi Leslie Nguyen Temple Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo LiAnne Takeuchi Hunt Marie Blazek Michel Raji Tiffani Gyatso Wilvin Pedersen Yumma Mudra Zoe Redman   On this last cusp of Dakini […]