Praise For Dakini As Art

 Testimonials For Dakini As Art Originals

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“I received the package this afternoon (one day earlier than scheduled!).  Both my husband and I are thrilled with the “Kalpa Chakra” triptych as well as the other three paintings.  Please convey to Soyolmaa our absolute elation and appreciation with her works!!!”

~ Long time Dakini As Art buyer, Northern California

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For Dakini As Art Commissions

Soyolmaa’s paintings moved my heart. I am so grateful for these beautiful works. Through all the challenges of today, they calmed my soul. Thank you, again.”

* Stunning renditions of dakinis Kurukulle and Simhamukha by Soyolmaa Davaakhuu, created specifically for a unique buyer and her practice.

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For Dakini As Art Traditional Thangkas
~ by Enlightenment (Thangka Collective)

“The thangka is masterfully painted, and the brocading is in harmony with the painting and beautifully executed. Please convey my thanks and my compliments to the artist! I am not easily impressed, but once again am very impressed.”

“I’m amazed that they succeeded in copying the facial expression on the original thangka so well: I would have thought that was impossible given natural variation from piece to piece of a work to art.”

art like no other