Inside The Gallery: Commissions

“Green Tara” (DAA commission by Tiffani Gyatso, 2016)

Dakini As Art’s artists offer an array of commissions from traditional thangkas and murals to contemporary originals.

Several artists can be booked for performances or workshops.

Contemporary Buddhist Iconography

Soyolmaa Davaakhuu (Buddhist deities & themes)

Kay Konrad (Contemporary iconography)

Tiffani Gyatso (Traditional & contemporary paintings)

Lasha Mutual (Buddhist iconography)

Paola Minelli (Buddhist iconography)

Tilly Campbell-Allen (Original silk art)

Simona Marziani (Contemporary iconography)

Barbara Berry (Painting, drawings, and wood art)

Faith Stone (Printmaking & Moku hanga)

Traditional Deity Thangkas & Paintings

Images Of Enlightenment (Traditional thangkas)

Kay Konrad (Buddhist deities)

Flera Birmane (Traditional paintings)

Leslie Nguyen Temple (Silk appliqué painted thangkas)

Leslie Rinchen Wongmo (Hand-stiched Tibetan appliqué)

Contemporary Art

Tiffani Gyatso (Diverse media)

Leslie Nguyen Temple (Contemporary art)

Simona Marziani (Contemporary paintings)

Yen Chua (Paintings & drawings)

Alma Dankoff (Impressionistic interpretations)

Thangka Painting Classes, Art Therapy, & Workshops

Tiffani Gyatso (Invites accepted)

Yen Chua (Invites accepted)

Temple Murals

Tiffani Gyatso (Large and small scale murals)