Inside The Gallery: Commissions

* “Green Tara” ~ Dakini As Art commission by Tiffani Gyatso, 2016

Dakini As Art’s artists offer an array of commissions potential: From traditional thangkas and murals to contemporary originals.

Buddhist Iconography

Soyolmaa Davaakhuu (Buddhist Deities & Themes)

Paola Minelli (Buddhist Iconography & More)

Lasha Mutual (Contemporary Buddhist Deities & Themes)

Carmen Mensink (Symbols, Buddha Statues, Ritual Objects, Art Restoration)


Images Of Enlightenment (Buddhist Deity Thangkas)

Tiffani Gyatso (Traditional Thangkas)

Paola Minelli (Traditional Thangkas)

Leslie Rinchen Wongmo (Hand-Stiched Tibetan Appliqué)

Leslie Nguyen Temple (Silk Appliqué Painted Thangkas)

Carmen Mensink (Traditional Thangkas)

Contemporary Art

Tiffani Gyatso (Diverse Media)

Alma Dankoff (Portraits in Oil: Impressionistic Interpretations & Buddhist Deities)

Barbara Berry (Paintings & Drawings)

Yen Chua (Paintings & Drawings)

Silk Art

Tilly Campbell-Allen (Original Silk Art)

Printmaking & Woodblocks

Faith Stone – (Paintings, Printmaking, & Moku Hanga)

Temple Murals

Tiffani Gyatso (Large & Small Scale Murals)

Thangka Drawing, Painting Classes & Workshops

Tiffani Gyatso (Invites Accepted)

Carmen Mensink (Invites Accepted)

Yen Chua (Invites Accepted)