Images Of Enlightenment: Commissions

Image of Enlightenment offers a range of thangka commission possibilities: A range of deity or dakini thangkas – solo or with retinue – in a variety of styles, with traditional or modern backgrounds.

The process of thangka creation is very detailed and time-intensive.  Most new thangkas take 2-3 months to create, dependent on size and complexity.

Once the specifics of the commission are settled, we are in regular correspondence with their artists and team in Kathmandu, Nepal, providing updates with preview images along the way.

Here are samples of some of the styles in which IOE creates:

Karma Gadri
Menri Modern
Red & Gold
Black & Gold

Request A Commission

Please specify any futher requests or inquiries, re: retinue, style, lineage, background, etc.

Thank you for your inquiry.

We’ll get in touch with IOE and get back to you as soon as possible with details.